Finn World Masters Championships

2017  Bardados Yacht Club 2-9 June News
2018  Club Nautico El Balis 18-25 May News

To be voted at during Annual Masters Meeting 2017
Bids from Marsala, Sicily, Royal Malta Yacht Club and the Royal Danish Yacht Club, Copenhagen

6-14 June  

 Venues are generally voted on two years in advance. See here for further details.


Other events

If you would like your local Masters event featured in our Calendar please Contact us.

5-9 June 2017 Euro Masters Cup Tihany, Hungary  
16-18 June 2017 Italian Masters Bracciano    
18-20 August 2017 Polish Masters Świnoujście    
22-28 August 2017 Russian Masters (Open) Moscow    
25-27 August 2017 North American Masters La Salle, Michigan    
2-3 September 2017 Dutch Masters (Open) WV Randmeer  
9-10 September 2017 Swedish Masters Karlstad    
14-15 October 2017 UK Masters Warsash SC    




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